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Saimaan satamat

Lake Saimaa is one of the most important inland waterways in Finland, where both goods and passengers are being transported. In 2018, over 2 million tons of goods, and over 100 000 passengers were transported in lake Saimaa. lake Saimaa is also a popular boating lake and it has over 70 guestports for small boats.

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Picture from Port of Mustola, Lappeenranta.

Saimaan satamien kohdekortit

Saimaan satamien kohdekortit

Alta löydät vuonna 2020 joulukuussa toteutetut kohdekortit Saimaan kunnallisille satamille Joensuulle, Lappeenrannalle, Kuopiolle, Varkaudelle ja Savonlinnalle. Kohdekortit ovat vapaassa käytössä. 

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