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Saimaan vesiliikenne

Saimaa in a nutshell


Lake Saimaa is the fourth biggest lake in Europe with a shoreline of approximately 14 850 kilometres. In total, lake Saimaa is 4400 square kilometres. Most of its water comes from the river Pielisjoki, and Saimaa runs to lake Laatokka via river Vuoksi. Lake Saimaa is a rather deep lake with average depth being 17 meters. The deepest point is 84 meters.

Lake Saimaa is 75,5 metres above sea level and  is controlled by several locks, most of them situating in the Saimaa canal. Via Saimaa Canal, there is a direct path to sea and to all over Europe, which enables freight traffic to start from Siilinjärvi and continue to Europe without stops and reloads. You can read more of Saimaa Canal from HERE.

Lake Saimaa is also an important part of tourism in Eastern Finland. There are multiple ships operating all over Saimaa in the summertime. To find out more of passenger traffic in lake Saimaa, press HERE